Galleri Nef

︎About us

Nef is a studio and exhibition space located in Bagarmossen, Stockholm (se). Initiated in 2020, it was founded with the objective of giving shape to diverse practices and providing an accessible diffusion platform to emerging artists. We  house 6 studio spaces and a gallery. 

Nef was co-founded by Lucie Gottlieb and Tomas Sjögren.

︎ Accessibility

The space is sadly not wheelchair accessible. The entrance door is 80cm-wide and is followed by two 15cm-high steps.

︎ Studio residents 

Siri Elfhag ︎
Nadja Ericsson
Lucie Gottlieb
Viktor Landström Fröjd ︎
Eva Reichmann
Tomas Sjögren ︎

Contact us ︎︎︎ ︎ ︎ ︎
︎Rusthållarvägen 95, 12843, Bagarmossen, Sweden