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Kaare Ruud
7 October — 9, 2022

Kaare Ruud’s solo exhibition '{@}' displays several small-scale sculptures created from dried roses and accompanied by the artist’s texts. The small withered flower-figures resemble human forms. The primary function of the roses has been removed as the sculptures’ physical appearance and their different postures transform them into another form of existence. The works create imprints of easily evaporating feelings and emotions, a sort of momentary expressions brought to life by personal and autobiographical motivation. Being so, they are not only poetic manifestations of the artist’s state of mind, but also anchors of the moments in which they were created – relics of ‘remembering’, in possession of all the essential features of the memory.

Kaare Ruud (b. 1993, Gausdal) is an artist based in Oslo. He holds a BA from the Art Academy in Bergen and an MFA from Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2020. He works in various mediums, such as sculpture, installation and text. Thematically, he is interested in concepts such as time, memory, nostalgia, durability and language. In addition to other methods, he works mainly with these notions and concepts by recontextualising utility objects that have an attraction to the past that is constantly returning to the limelight as ‘trendy’. Or to use everyday objects or elements from our immediate surroundings, field with meanings.

The exhibition is supported by Stockholm Stad.

Curated by Edit Fándly