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Morte liiiiiiiiifffeeee, still naaaattuuuree
Anna Reutinger & Garance Wullschleger
August 19 — 29, 2021

ꕤ ꕤ ꕤ

it was the beginning, it was the end, it was the continuity
trash turned to tea bags, dyeing the world a new shade of green
a lot of sex going on, the distinction gone between you and me
everyone was everything and needed only each other and coffee

from the fortress and sulphuric muck
tiny fish knives too cute to cut
morte life is not dead life
but still life is tough

smash a lot, smash a lot, but keep the pieces close
pancakes turned to scramble but maybe they’re still edible
weave this shit together, yea, that’s all that we know
let the flies and mold and rust and roots and stains show

ꕤ ꕤ ꕤ

Mourning School warmly invites you to Morte liiiiiiiffeeeeeee, still naaaaaattuuuuree: an exhibition by Anna Reutinger and Garance Wullschleger presented at Galleri Nef.

Morte Liiiiiiiffeeeeeee, still naaaaaattuuuuree pulls us in a myriad of directions as we wade through the messiness of accepting extinction—and all that might come after. Both alarming and hopeful, it reminds us that once life is dead it is still nature; in the same way that a tree that falls becomes a life-giving feast for many others.

For this immersive installation Reutinger and Wullschleger invited friends and loved ones to reflect on the question of the end of our world as a beginning of new worlds. A question that asks us to stretch our imagination beyond the vocabularies and structures we know so well, and towards affective and abstract ways of knowing.

The outcomes are stitched into a cocoon of second hand textiles dyed with food scraps, the air filled with whispers, unfamiliar languages, and guttural tones. This space is not a shelter as the sky falls upon us, but a carrier for stories of possible futures; from the belly of the universe bird flowers, plant minerals, nocturnal bone-slugs, world-fish and vulva trees take root.

We invite you to enter and explore it for yourself.

ꕤ ꕤ ꕤ

Anna Reutinger, b. 1991 in Oakland, California lives and works in Berlin. Her practice combines sculpture, installation and performance to propose a return to craft in defiance of capitalist production cycles and as seed for social, material and environmental empathy. Oscillating between incidental and intentional gestures, she uses found material and social input to expose the transitory nature of things and beings, and their interconnection.

Garance Wullschleger, b. 1993 is a French-Swiss artist who lives and works in Lyon. Through performance and installation, photography and text, Wullschleger concocts peripheral narratives of today. Working from lived and collected experience, she samples worlds around her, from the scale of her body to the globe. Through manipulations, camouflages, and montages, she redirects the gaze to immerse the visitor into a universe offset from reality.

Mourning School is an artistic study program on the notion of being in grief as the stuff of our everyday, initiated by Lucie Gottlieb and Rosa Paardenkooper.

Morte liiiiiiiiifffeeee, still naaaattuuuree was first produced during a residency at Petrohradská Kolektiv. The work was made possible with contributions by Isabelle Albuquerque, Fina Anjou & Niklas Büe, Ingrid Blix, Francesca Brusa, Antoine Dochniak, Lena Heinz, Valentýna Janů, Annika Kappner, Štěpán Krahulec, Theis Madsen & David Haack Monberg, Monica Mays, Kaspar Molzberger, Roxie Perkins, Eva Reutinger, Nolwenn Salaün, Tomasz Skibicki, Géraldine Soares.

The exhibition is made possible with support from The Swedish Art Council, Stockholm Stad, and The Nordic Cultural Foundation through the Globus Opstart Grant, and generously hosted by Galleri Nef.

ꕤ ꕤ ꕤ