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The Nef Residents
September 3 — 13, 2020

Threshold is a group exhibition introducing the work of the studio residents: Siri Elfhag, Nadja Ericsson, Viktor Landström Fröjd, Eva Reichmann and Tomas Sjögren.

For months the now has been paused, but a threshold appears. A reorganization of time and space. An open door with our name on it, leading into a room. And we would like you to be in it.

Agitated, curious, the human mind is constantly standing ajar. It senses a beyond and wonders about it: oh, there is a world out there other than I, its nature and my nature seem at once different and yet intimately entangled with each other. Forever reaching up to something to grasp while one foot is sliding into a hole, we are never done going through the threshold. We exist simultaneously in what we are emerging out of and in what we are moving into. The goal is always infinitely ahead from where we stand. And the arch remains constantly open.

Threshold presents as a group exhibition unveiling the strange in the normal, the eerie of the everyday. A patchwork of artistic thoughts lying on the verge of something more.

Curated by Lucie Gottlieb.