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Tu çavê min î
Pelerin Brodrej & Nikki Fager Myrholm
February 24 — 27, 2022

Tu çavê min î (you are my eyes) takes its title from a Kurdish saying used to express empathy, and commonly employed at funerals to show sympathy to the grieving family. Diving into domestic and cultural symbols and rituals, the exhibition examines Pelerin Brodrej and Nikki Fager Myrholm’s respective quest for alternative ways to communicate and to bring about healing.

In this exhibition, language is gentle as a bird but witty as a snake. Language is a pair of eyes offered on a golden plate to sooth a sad friend. It is staring out someone’s eyepits and seeing nothing but mist. Language is a flame: if on a parent’s birthday you light a candle, when remembering them you might want to burn a few more. It is also a language that isn’t seen or heard anymore. A language so quiet, that it folds and fades into the dinner table.

Pelerin Brodrej and Nikki Fager Myrholm create candidly. They copy fading memories from photo albums or words from children's alphabet books, and let them shape and tell new stories. Attentive to their yearnings, they both seek for a language carrying shared memories, a language that is more alchemical: if there is a spirit to all things, it shall fall down into new alphabets and new words that can be read and used to conjure friendly ghosts, and create fertile land on the earth ground - among ruins.